How to answer 'Tell Me More About Yourself' in a job interview

By Lumumba Phelix | Tuesday, Mar 3rd 2020 at 15:38
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In life, we come across so many questions every day, some we like to answer, but others we won't even try. Have you ever been asked a question that you wish not to reply? Maybe because of being rhetoric or rather for reasons best known to an individual. Such questions are infinite, but let's talk about this; "Tell me more about yourself."

Well, this is a question that we all have to meet in life on two different occasions. On one occasion, we really hate it with passion, but on the other occasion, it's inevitable, and we have to do it.

At various points in life, we all have to do interviews. This is the most simple thing that most people fail because of minimal reasons. But that aside. Let's stick to our topic. On many occasions, the panelists will ask you to tell them more about yourself. This is where many people mess. Whenever you meet this question during an interview, here are the things you should talk about;

Personal information.

This is also referred to as bio-data. This is the information about you as a job seeker. It makes the panelists have an idea of yourself. Here you can talk of your name, address, and contact information. These are the essential things here, and please remember to be precisely brief since the interviewers are either tired or even still having very many people to interview and would like to save on much time.

Field of career.

For all job adverts made, there are qualifications needed for each post and the duties well explained. Here you talk about your career. For instance, 'I'm a journalist who mainly majors in investigative journalism or print media.' By saying this, the panelists can evaluate whether or not you are fit for the job.


This is a crucial thing that you can never afford to skip. Whether you were employed before or not, you should have achievements. In cases where you haven't been employed before, what personal achievements have you made to make you more fit for the job? But if you've been employed a priori, what did you achieve in your previous positions. Just name them all here; certificates, trophies, tenders are just but a few to mention.


Talk about your skills, whether or not related to the job you're seeking. Just do it because, at some point, they will be necessary. What skills do you have for this career? Also, what other soft skills do you possess? Here, soft skills refer to whatever you can do besides the job per se. Nowadays, employers like hiring people with a variety of skills to help reduce the cost of remuneration. For instance, 'besides being a journalist, I possess statistical and analytical skills, e.g., SPSS and STATA, I'm an editor of both audio and video recordings, I'm a graphics designer' and so on. These soft skills are what make you unique from other job seekers, and the more you have them, the more you increase your chances of getting the job.

In conclusion, it's very painful not to get a job because you are unable to answer very simple questions. This question should no longer trouble you since you already have the headlines of what to talk about in an event it arises. Now, as a good reader, go out there and conquer the world. Get that job!

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