Coronavirus Crisis: Standing stronger together as Kenyans

By Marcie Njeri | Friday, Feb 28th 2020 at 10:28
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With everything that's happening around the globe, whether it's from the Syrian crisis, Indian citizenship crisis, the mother of all crisis is the coronavirus pandemic.

There is a hidden panic in everybody, and what's making the situation worse is the fact that the public is really misinformed about the situation.

Here in Kenya, almost everyone wants the Chinese to be barred from entering our country, but maybe we should table the facts.

One is that China is the most affected but not the only country with the coronavirus crisis, so if we are talking about barring foreigners from coming to Kenya, maybe it should apply for all other nationalities.

In my opinion, I think if the coronavirus finds its way in Kenya, it will possibly be from another nationality and not China since almost all the attention has been directed to China, ignoring the crisis is happening in Algeria, USA, Dubai, South Korea, and other countries.

In regard to international community guidelines, once such pandemic hits the globe, it's on such times that the community join forces together we stand strong against it. This has nothing to do with China or any other country, but reaching out to help just like we stood together to fight Ebola.

Let's put ourselves on those shoes on how we would react if we Africans are barred from other countries because of Ebola or any other virus outbreak that hits Africa hard. I bet we would make the loudest noise.

Coronavirus is pandemic, and stigmatizing Asians won't help to prevent the virus. We should remember that it's not the first nor the last global health pandemic, and we shouldn't let the virus wipe other people in the name of protecting of our own because once it's done there, it will come down here for its next victim.

Additionally, just because China is a developed country than Kenya, it does not mean they can handle the crisis on their own. It’s for us to get prepared and to join hands globally and reach out to help as we did with Ebola.

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