Beware, trending online challenge could kill

By Babu Tendu | Monday, Feb 17th 2020 at 10:24
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Considered a prank among children, the skull breaker challenge caused a stir on social media after many termed it as a dangerous activity to partake in.

The prank which originated from South America involves two individuals perform jumping tricks that influence a third person to follow suit.

With the unaware victim in the middle, the performers of the prank jump in turns and when it’s the turn of the victim to jump, the unexpected happens.

Midair the performers of the prank use their feet to sweep their victim from the air, an act which leads the victim helplessly to the ground.

On a good fall, the subject of the prank lands on the back side while with the latter, they land with their heads.

In the wake of the prank, experts said that it could lead to both external and internal injuries or even kill.

According to the experts, the challenge could further lead to paralysis as published by the International Business Times.

Knowledge of the challenge left Kenyan parents with a lot to say.

Nahida Booko - The devil is working hard to confuse the society parents pray for yourselves and children.

Peter Makao - We try so hard to fit in.

Samuel Karisa - Trending madness.

Benson Wainaina - Very dangerous indeed.

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