Why KURA wants this billboard on Ngong Road demolished

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Feb 13th 2020 at 14:42
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The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) on Thursday announced that it would demolish a billboard that was erected on Ngong Road since due process was not followed.

KURA further warned that those who erected it would face legal action.

“Please Note, the Billboard placed along Ngong Road is Illegal and @KURAroadshas NOT issued any Approvals to erect the Structure.

“The Billboard will be demolished and the culprits will face legal action. It is illegal to place any structure on our Roads without requisite Approval,” read the warning.

Interestingly, the billboard in question has the initials ‘KURA’ and most Kenyans struggled to understand how it got there in the first place.

Here are some of the reactions:

A case of right hand not knowing what left is doing! It's a KURA sign and you have no idea who put it there? Very interesting indeed!! — @ruhiu_ken (@ken_ruhiu) February 13, 2020 [removed][removed]

Mchezo wa paka na panya ???????????? — Akinyi Abongo (@Akinyi19Abongo) February 13, 2020 [removed][removed]

So a stranger places a 'KURA' sign and then KURA disowns it. Interesting times indeed. — Julius Caesar ???? (@juliuscaesar254) February 13, 2020 [removed][removed]

Is(n't) this an internal memo? — Christine. (@ChristinaMwiti) February 13, 2020 [removed][removed]

You didn’t put up your own billboard?

— Yes Bana (@cgitosh) February 13, 2020 [removed][removed]

Incompetence taken to another level. KURA says KURA placed the sign without KURA's approval. What a tongue twister. — Tony Okongo (@Tony56013866) February 13, 2020 [removed][removed]

KURA looks in the mirror and goes like, 'I am not me and me is not me, I am not I, I is not me' Repeat — Gourmandy (@ViqRuto) February 13, 2020 [removed][removed]

It is even blocking the view when making a u-turn hapo Mimosa — Jamlick Njue (@jamlique) February 13, 2020 [removed][removed]

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