Why inner beauty is important this Valentine's

By Caroline Bety | Thursday, Feb 13th 2020 at 13:19
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I am not looking forward to this valentine's day. Why? Because I don't have a date. Who in her forties lacks a date! I am at the peak of my life! Last year, I bought myself roses and had the courier drop them to my office, just to flaunt. It didn't bring me joy because I knew the story behind, damn it. How desperate of me.

It's important to prepare well for the valentines. However, I couldn't help but notice that there has been so much emphasis on outward adornment, elaborate hairstyles, wearing of jewelry or fine clothes, etc. There is nothing wrong with outer beauty. Let's honestly talk about the other kind of beauty. The inner beauty. It is of significant value for the woman. Let's be real, my inner values, beauty and principles have to influence how I relate with my man, my spouse, my husband. The genesis of good words and actions is an abundant and healthy inner being.

I bet my man would really appreciate me more if I was a submissive woman. I would work on being a woman who joyfully accepts his authority. I am talking about a woman who will not undermine his authority in public or otherwise, one who will subordinate her all to him. Her concern will be about his happiness. She will be gentle in attending to him. She will have a spirit that is quiet, meaning that she is not easily angered, and if angered she will take time before responding. She will have good judgment of knowing the right time to discuss one issue or the other. The truth is, he is the authority established in her home. The home is his kingdom. So let the brother rule! Well, I admit it is hard to submit and show respect especially when he is the one on the wrong and especially when he shows no regard for my emotions. It takes intentional and consistent resolve of slowly but surely gradually working on these values. It takes time.

When I possess such qualities of gentleness and a quiet spirit, my man will not find it hard to protect and love me. He will be energetic in providing for me, making me secure in his love and life. He will be sensitive and responsive to my needs. He will not find it hard to relate with me with thoughtfulness, courtesy, insight and skill. Fidelity will be part of him and not something he will struggle with. He will find fulfillment in me in all aspects. He will find our home a place to look forward to going after work.

I think you will agree with me that a woman's outward beauty will and should complement her inner beauty. In other words, the two have to go hand in hand. It is said that a gracious woman retains her honor. So my fellow women and ladies, take some time to do an audit of ourselves. We can call it pre -valentine preparation, see what you can do differently. Come February 14th , let's give a chance to putting more emphasis on inner beauty which is of good value and let's see how it goes. Our men will see something changed in us. Something good!

Wait, I still didn't have a date! So am hoping next year in the month of February I will have some captivating love story to narrate. I wish you well. Cheers!

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