Relief for five expelled students after Masinde Muliro University recalls them back

By Nzioka Justin | Wednesday, Feb 12th 2020 at 12:15
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Five learners from Masinde Muliro university among those who got expelled last year for leading demonstrations have been reinstated back to the institution.

This was after they appealed successfully against the university senate's decision to expel eleven learners, as well as suspending eleven others.

Acting Academic Registrar Prof. Thomas Sakwa revealed that the five had already been issued with warning letters, while the disciplinary committee chose to give them one more chance.

However, according to prof. Sakwa, "the students are required to pay for the destruction of the property as the rest of the students did before they are readmitted."

The others, according to the registrar, were to serve their one-year suspension in addition to an Sh12,000 fine as ordered before they can be accepted back.

A group of nine others is set to serve their two-years suspension accordingly for their active involvement in the riots. Prof. Sakwa attributed delayed decision by the disciplinary committee owing to their busy schedule in preparing the 2019 December Graduation.

"The management is not in any business to punish the students but to empower them. It is for this reason that the Senate considered overturning the expulsions," Prof. Sakwa clarified concerning the expulsion issue.

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