Eight ways Kenyan men can help their pregnant wives and unborn babies

By Rose Murugi | Friday, Feb 7th 2020 at 10:59
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If there is a time when a woman needs help the most, it's when she's pregnant. As her husband or partner, your support is crucial at this time, and even though she's the one carrying the baby, your help will make the process easier and more bearable. If husbands want to help in ensuring their pregnant wives' process is safe, bearable, and successful, resulting in a bouncing baby boy or girl, they have to read on for proven tips.

Be present

Your presence will be greatly appreciated. When she's going through the highs and lows of pregnancy, she needs you there as a pillar of strength. Be understanding and listen to her. The imbalance in hormones will make her mood shift from time to time, and you'll have to avoid being judgmental. Carrying another human being brings about major changes after all.

Take over house chores

As the pregnancy progresses, she may not be able to bend down or even wash properly. This is your time to step in and take over the daily tasks. Some men also wash their pregnant wives' clothes, including inner garments, and leave food before going to work. Some chores you can help with include; cleaning tasks, food preparation, and taking care of the other kids if you have other children.


Some women have swollen feet in the later stages of pregnancy. Others have severe back pain and general body fatigue. You can prepare a basin of warm water, wash her feet, and then massage them until they stop hurting. You could also offer shoulder massages or gentle back rubs. Alternatively, you can take her to a professional massage parlor where the most aching parts can be attended to.

Accompany her to doctor's appointments

Pregnant women have to visit the hospital a couple of times so the doctors can check and monitor the baby's growth. You could just be present and even ask questions that you've been dying to ask about the baby.

Paternity leave

When the delivery date nears, it would be prudent to request a leave from work for a couple of weeks or months so you can help your wife or be present when she delivers your baby. After delivery, she may be bedridden for a couple of days as she recuperates and will need extra help tending to the newborn as well as hygiene tasks.

Fulfill her cravings

Pregnant wives have cravings, some of them so random or strange they will leave you perturbed. However, it would be a really nice gesture if you could rush to the nearest supermarket or shop the things she craves. Don't put her down or criticize her, understand that it's normal during pregnancy and it won't hurt to fulfill them, even if you'll only do them for nine months.

Tell her she looks good

Pregnant women go through such drastic body changes that they begin to be self-conscious. Complement her, tell her she looks good and just be a loving soon to be father.

Body odours

Pregnancy heightens the smelling sensitivity of women. If your body odours make her want to vomit, then she will be avoiding you like the plague. I'm not only talking about the bad smells; good smells can also make them vomit. Just shower every day, brush your teeth and you may have to stop using that cologne for now if it affects her. Good luck being a father, you've got this.

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