Kenya Mpya madness persists

By ELIAS GITHINJI KARUOYA | Thursday, Jan 23rd 2020 at 08:53
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An accident involving a lorry ferrying quarry stones and a Kenya Mpya bus at Juja, along the Thika Superhighway, has placed the fleet on the limelight for all the wrong reasons yet again.

The buses, operating under the labels “Neo Kenya Mpya” and “Joy Kenya,” ply the Thika-Nairobi route with some random trips to select upcountry destinations. The fleet’s operations are never devoid of spectacle as mayhem abounds within their circles rather generously.

A laddish culture amongst the crew operating the buses is partly to blame for the chaos. With such a culture, given their solid numbers, which correspond with their sizeable fleet, makes them assume some degree of invisibility.

Hence, they are empowered to engage their clients, other motorists, competitors, proximal businesses, and even authorities the wrong way, while often getting away with it. Unfortunately, the associated antics have repeatedly placed innocent victims in rather tragic situations.

Social media platforms have proved an effective avenue for highlighting the predicaments of Kenyans subjected to the buses’ unpleasantries. But to counter the rampant negative impressions around them, Kenya Mpya has strategically acquisition a robust social media presence.

On their social media handles, they unleash rather aggressive marketing drives by eliciting a sense of mutuality with their clients’ welfare.

However, an elusive approach prevails even in their virtual spaces. Instances can be cited where irate Kenyans have sought to vent or confront the agents with their disappointments at the company’s services on these platforms, only to receive vague sentiments or even blatant silence.

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