If you go chasing marriage, you will get the wrong partner — Chris Kirubi

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Jan 18th 2020 at 14:30
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He is one of the most decorated businessmen in Kenya and his success speaks for itself.

Many young entrepreneurs look up to him for advice and he is often available to offer his words of wisdom.

Interestingly, Kirubi is not married. Ever since his divorce some years back he has not remarried.

During a recent interview with Business Daily, Kirubi was asked if he intends to marry (since he is in the process of completing his dream home) and his sentiments were quite interesting.

Unlike those who put certain timelines to getting married, Kirubi approaches the whole subject differently.

He is of the opinion that you should let marriage come to you and not the other way round.

“Marriage comes to you and it is a blessing, but you don’t go chasing it around because you will get the wrong partner.

“If I’m blessed then I will be blessed,” he said.

Kirubi also opened up on his relationship with God and stated that were it not for the Almighty, he would not be who he is today.

Adding that the many months he was lying in bed sick made him realise that God is the most powerful

“I’m closer to God now because I’ve believed without God’s will I could not be who I am today. It took me many months lying in bed sick to believe that God is most powerful.

“And it’s a shame we always go to God when we need Him, but God will never turn you away because you came to Him later rather than earlier.

“God is merciful and forgiving,” he said.

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