Parents bury disabled children alive to 'cure' them in bizarre eclipse superstition

By Mirror | Saturday, Dec 28th 2019 at 11:13
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Superstitious parents have been caught on camera burying their disabled children alive during a solar eclipse on Boxing Day.

It is believed as many as 10 children were dumped in the holes in the ground before mud was thrown on and they were buried up to their necks.

The sickening video shows the frantic children crying as they are made to look at the camera.

Their families stayed with them and attempted to comfort the children, who appear to be of various ages, with one as young as three years old.

It is not clear what disabilities the children have but reports say they were buried as part of an obscure tradition.

The children were kept in the pits in the village of Taj-Sultanpur, India, for the entire eclipse.

Residents said the parents were told by village elders about the benefits of a solar eclipse as the "heat generated will help cure them".

On hearing of reports of the children being buried alive, the district child protection task force raced to the village and rescued the children from the makeshift graves.

Kalaburagi Deputy Commissioner B. Sharath told the Indian Express: “We have rescued the children and asked the police to conduct an inquiry in the matter.

"We will also conduct an awareness drive to not get involved in such superstitious practices.”

Child Welfare Committee chairman Reena D’Souza said the children were later returned to their parents after receiving some counselling.

The adults also received warnings about repeating their actions.

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