Moi University's lost glory as students struggle with the upkeep

By Jogo Atika Geoffrey | Wednesday, Dec 4th 2019 at 12:48
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It is in a span of three weeks that Moi University students went on a rampage over unresolved rules and conditions set by the University administration.

In the evening, one can note a crowd of students marching towards the famous Talai center well known by students as the stage. What takes them there are meals for their upkeep. 

Buying meals on a daily basis has become hectic for many of the students. One is forced to forego some meals and take just a meal a day. The struggle is heavy, as there is no other option for them.

The glory that the institution has held for some time is getting diminished. There is a great need for the administration to look for ways of restoring the lost glory in the University. Much is said by many stakeholders about the University.

Student affairs are the most crucial part of the smooth transition of services within the University. Satisfaction by the students in service delivery will see the campus running smoothly without so many difficulties.

Unity is key for any success to be attained. The community at large needs to work in conjunction with the administration so that service delivery can be attained and the achievement of finer results.

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