Why most Kenyans have become 'slaves' to fashion

By Carpus charles | Friday, Nov 29th 2019 at 12:08
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Fashion plays an important role in our daily lives. Fashion relates to designs of clothes, hairstyle as well as accessories such as jewelry, shoes, and others shaping our personality. Today, a person attending an interview stands a bigger chance of getting a job if he or she is dressed appropriately and fashionably as compared to those dressed in an old-fashioned way. Thus it's important for us as humans to dress well and neatly to keep up with the latest fashion trends so as not to be branded as traditional.

However, we can become victims of fashion when we lose control of our personalities. In Kenya, many women have increasingly become slaves to fashion. This implies since many of my female friends compared to male friends are fashion crazy and spend a lot of time and money buying trendy, designer brands, and fashionable clothing. This makes them appear to be competing with each other. The poorer ones who can't afford to spend on buying expensive clothes feel to be left out and just finds themselves alienating from the rest. 

After keen observation, it's realized that most models are pencil - slim and always maintain their body shape since even if they increase a bit of flesh, they risk losing their jobs. This has led to many fashion clothes designed being tighter; hence, most women are forced to slim up so that they are able to fit the clothes. It has also lead to many women taking slimming drugs, which renders some develop medical conditions associated with the obsession. 

In addition, some men have increasingly become addicts to fashion and tend to live a life of their own. They dress up like women, grow hair while others even wear chains, bracelets, and earrings like women do. It's said that most want to seek attention and get noticed within their surroundings. 

Admittedly, the media has influenced these forms of style as compared to how it was before — hence providing a positive type of slavery. Always remember the blind pursuit of fashion the way to keep you in the spotlight. Learning to have a sense of fashion would go a long way into turning you into a smart lady or gentleman.


Written and compiled by Charles Odimo


Twitter :@carpus Charles 

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