Itumbi’s response after court ordered him to pay child upkeep

By Fay Ngina | Friday, Nov 29th 2019 at 20:44
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Digital strategist operating from the office of the Deputy President Dennis Itumbi has responded to a court order that compelled him to pay for child support.

Itumbi, through his Facebook account admitted that the child is his and offered to provide her the best care.

“The child is mine. May the child suckle with both cheeks. The best care, a father MUST offer a child is assured,” said Itumbi.

This comes after a DNA test proved the baby was his. Itumbi had earlier demanded for the DNA test to be conducted on the minor before he could agree to pay any child support.

In September 2019, the baby mama through family Law advocate Enricah Dulo, claimed that Itumbi had refused to support the child since she was born.

The baby mama took Itumbi to court and requested Sh50,000 child support, medical cover and house help salary when the minor starts school.

She also claimed that Itumbi never visited the baby and instead sent his friend.

However, the court ordered Itumbi to pay Sh20,000 for child upkeep before the final hearing of the case. The court also gave room for out of court settlement of the case.

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