Why you should not be a slave to people's opinions

By Astrid | Tuesday, Nov 26th 2019 at 15:09
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Have you been a slave of people’s opinions? I have, and I bet have not been sailing in this opinion boat alone because all of us, to some point, have been slaves of people’s opinions. This is probably the toughest and roughest voyage ever, and I have decided to jump into the sea and swim to my safety.

You see, over the years, every good thing that I thought was good enough for me was always faced with myriads of opinions, and most of them have destroyed rather than building me.

This gave birth to anxiety and a little more anxiety of trying to keep up with expectations, and I have come to realize that however much you try to satisfy the world, it will never be satisfied.

I have realized that there is power in individuality and that there is joy in freedom. Living in this world where society has mild expectations of how you should lead your life or what career path you should take or how much money you should earn or even who you should marry is quite challenging. It becomes even more challenging with pressure from social media lifestyle, and many have been driven to depression not because they are not good enough, but because someone thinks they are not good enough.

 I just learnt something recently that you can never do everything. For instance, you can be a good cook but a pathetic baker, or you could be a good photographer but cannot repair a nonfunctional camera.

This is the reality of life that you will always be talented but not in all areas. So, follow your heart, shun away all opinion pressure, do what you can, and leave what you can’t. Follow your heart.

This by no means does not mean that you must make harmful life choices or disregard meaningful opinions; it simply means stay away from toxic opinions.

I believe God created the world and created people and created an individual you; He gave power and ability to every one according to his desires.

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