How to self diagnose scarcity mentality and break free from it

By Brenda Midamba | Friday, Nov 15th 2019 at 11:03
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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when 'Simon Says' scarcity mentality? It has got to be fear. Scarcity mentality is fear that all you have is all you will ever have and that there is no room for it ever-growing.

This is a mentality that has crippled and brought about greed in many. So how do you know you are suffering from a scarcity mentality, and how do you break free from it? Read on to find out. ENVY

People with scarcity mentality are always envious of other people's achievements or people who are 'ALLEGEDLY' doing better than them. We live in a social media era where almost everyone is putting on a facade of a picture-perfect life, and masquerading as someone they probably are not. This has sent many on an envy frenzy because it stalks you like a shadow at night.

Jealousy can be inevitable sometimes, but it is what one does when envy creeps in that separate someone with a scarcity mentality from someone with an abundance mentality.

How to break free: Try to be happy for others, clap when other people win, celebrate their victories because it is in doing this that you open the door for others to do the same for you. DISCONTENT

The number one cause of dissatisfaction is comparison. Think about it; you can only be discontent with what you have because you have seen someone else with something 'better' or something you want. If you are suffering from a scarcity mentality, it is tough to be content with what you are and what you have.

How to break free: Avoid comparing yourself to others. Be content with what you have and work towards growth. Take a social media break and realize that everyone's journey is very different. SELFISHNESS

A person with a scarcity mentality finds it very hard to share not only money, food, etc. but recognition and successes as well. They will not give credit where it is due because of the fear that it will steal their shine. They tend to want to portray an image of a 'one-man show' that they did it without any help even if other people were involved in the project.

(eg, when John does an excellent presentation and does not mention Mary who was involved as well because he wants all the attention)

Another way to look at it is when someone fails to commend another for a job well done or fail to recommend their skill because they see them as a threat or are just envious (SEE POINT 1)

(e.g., Mary fails to congratulate John in public for a job well done for fear of John getting a promotion and not her)

How to break free: Commend others for a job well done, recommend them to other people and always be willing to pull up other people while you climb the ladder, why? Because there is room for everyone at the top. HOARDER

The opposite of hoarding is de-cluttering. When you are a hoarder, you basically do not like to let go and share.

People hold on to things for many reasons, but the most common one is because of the scarcity mentality. It is not only money; it can be time, love, knowledge in certain areas, etc., You struggle to share with others because of the belief that there will not be any left for you. You believe that these things are limited and that It cannot go beyond the confinement of you and probably your family.

How to break free: Sharing is caring; if you give it away, you create room for more to come in. Give away things you do not need (and sometimes even those that you need), give away kindness, give away love, give your time to other people.

Let us learn to get rid of the scarcity mentality. Success is not scarce, it is unlimited, and it definitely is abundant.

Remember to ''Love people and use things because the opposite never works''- The minimalists.

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