For me to become President, alliances have to be made — Governor Mutua

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Nov 12th 2019 at 15:16
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Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua on Tuesday reiterated his desire to become the next President of Kenya.

Through a series of tweets, Mutua stated that for him to become the Head of State, alliances have to be made.

Adding that the tribal mindset will not go away anytime soon.

“The only alliance or BBI I'm interested in, is one that shapes the economic status in Kenya for the better.

“One that will roll back poverty, create employment and ensure that people have money in the pocket.

“Alliances have to be made to allow for someone to run as President in this current Kenyan set up,” he remarked.

Further stating: “The tribal mindset will not disappear overnight. For me to become President in this Kenya, alliances have to be made.”

Mutua also said that he is aware the Kamba vote will not make him the next President and he is fully aware that he needs votes from other regions.

He added that he wants to be seen as a national leader because his ideologies are relevant across the country.

“Even if all Kambas vote me in during a presidential election, I cannot be President. I need votes from other Regions who see me as a National leader and not a tribal leader.

“My ideologies are relevant across the country and that's why they are being recieved well.

“While I support an expanded government, I also suggest a reduction of some government positions. We should also reduce cost of running govt. There has to be a balance. This can be done. I trust that will be addressed in the BBI,” he said.

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