Magoha impressed by female chief, promises to help her get a promotion

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Nov 9th 2019 at 11:24
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Education CS George Magoha on Friday expressed his gratitude to Jawahir Musa, a chief who helped police in confiscating over 30 mobile phones at St Teresa Boys’ Primary School, a private examination centre in the ongoing KCSE.

Speaking at St George’s Girls’ High School, Magoha stated that he will intercede for Musa to be considered for recognition or promotion for her efforts.

“Jawahir was bold enough to recover the phones that had been hidden between the legs of the learners.

“I will personally intercede on her [chief’s] behalf and tell the President to consider her for a promotion.

“We are sending a strong message that there is a prize for being truthful and patriotic,” said the CS.

He further instructed all supervisors to ensure that they are aggressive when frisking candidates because some have devised new ways of cheating.

“If you are going to frisk somebody gently, you will not find them; you have to be aggressive,” he added.

Magoha also praised the efforts of police officers in Kisii County who nabbed 11 impostors who intended to do the exam on behalf of other students.

“The police officers just looked at the old impostors and noted all was not well, leading to their arrests.

“I will be interceding on their behalf, for the President to see to it that they get promotions for their great service to this nation,” he remarked.

The CS also promised students that everything is under control and the results that will be released after marking will be a true reflection of their performance.

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