Kenyans react as WhatsApp gives control over who can add you to a group

By Babu Tendu | Friday, Nov 8th 2019 at 10:53
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Kenyan WhatsApp users were quick to react to the control given to them by the app company to choose which groups to join.

The messaging app on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, announced that their customers now have control over who could add them to a WhatsApp group.

A good number expressed their displeasure in the manner in which they were added to WhatsApp groups they did not like.

“Thank you for introducing this. The idea of people just creating groups that are not making sense and adding me without my consent is done” Posted Faith Ayoti Imani, a Facebook user.

“Finally, the relief is here with us. So annoying that at some point I thought of changing my line” Fiddy Fiddy.

“Finally good timing this December no more baby showers, ruracio, weddings/pre-weddings group” Showgo Charles.

 “This is really awesome. People are just creating small groups and adding others without their consent” Benjamin Kesemei.

Others sent their suggestions to WhatsApp on other modifications like hiding information about the exit of a WhatsApp group member.

“Thank you WhatsApp next try to hide left information that no one notices when a group member leaves the group” Suggested Isaac Mwau

Through their twitter account, WhatsApp asked its users to download the latest update of the app in order to access the new service.

“Avoid being added to a group chat with people outside of your inner circle”

“Now you can have more control over who can add you to a group. To enable this setting, update to the latest version” Read a tweet by WhatsApp.

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