Mechanic reports Jose Chameleone to the police over unpaid debt

By Babu Tendu | Monday, Nov 4th 2019 at 16:00
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A mechanic in Uganda reported Jose Chameleone to the police for allegedly defaulting a debt owed to him by the musician.

The complainant claimed that the debt came to be after he repaired the musician’s car.

“I installed a new gearbox, brake fluid, computer and programming, front hub and bearings, fuel nozzles, plugs, tyre repairing and of course labour charges” claimed the mechanic.

He further added that Chameleon left him a broken-down Subaru as security for the Ush11million (Sh300,000) debt.

He, however, stated that even if he was to sell the Subaru, it would only cost him less than Ush3.3million (Sh80,000).

“The Subaru is in very poor condition, lacks an engine and even of sold would not fetch USh3 million (about Sh80,000),” the mechanic complained.

Chameleone recently joined politics and has expressed his interest in Kampala Lord Mayor’s seat.

Many have questioned how Jose could still have a debt considering his flashy lifestyle.

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