Emotions rise after Mariga promises to push the legalization of bhang once elected

By Babu Tendu | Monday, Nov 4th 2019 at 11:46
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Kibra Constituency candidate, McDonald Mariga on Sunday, November 3, 2019, promised to follow in the area’s former Member of Parliament(MP) Ken Okoth to fight for the legalization of marijuana.

Speaking at his final rally in Kibra, the former Harambee Stars midfielder described bhang to be a cancer cure and stated pushing for its legalisation as one of his priorities.

"Mnataka tuongelee mambo ya Shada. Shada mmeskia inacure cancer. Hio lazima tuipush. Hatutaki mambo ya shada ya kupiga watu. Muniingize bunge tuskume mambo ya shada”

“(It will be my priority to push the motion of bhang legalisation once I get into parliament) “said Mariga.

Majority of Kenyans online, however, saw this as a non-issue to the youth of Kibra who they claimed had more important issues to be addressed.

“Kibra youths need jobs and developments more than bhang, this guy is a complete joke, if our leaders focus on such nonsensical issues, our continent will never know the meaning of development. We need leaders who can stand up and take corruption head-on. Fight for their people's rights and welfare” posted Benson Kagiri, a Facebook user.

“How will this help lives of the kibra people and mostly youth” added Tom Makhama

“Now that he said about doing football in kibra, has he now changed his mind to destroy our young talents in kibra by giving them bhang?! Wonders will never change” stated Jacob Momanyi

Others went ahead to question Mariga’s ability and capacity to table and debate such a motion in parliament.

“The problem is how he will draft the bill and present it before the elite Parliament” said Stanslaus Nzuki through Facebook.

“This guy is a joke how does he intend to push the legalisation of bhang, does he even know Parliament is a house of debates or will he be using sign language” Parmer De Jos.

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