The scam that is kindergarten graduation

By Tracy Njeru | Wednesday, Oct 30th 2019 at 13:59
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In the last two weeks, social media has been awash with pictures of toothless smiles that glow with pride. In tow, equally delighted parents who put hilarious captions on these photos.

From thanking God for the mean fete that is being able to blow noses without help, to teary faces over their children’s newly found ability to say three-letter words, Kenyan parents have really proven they can be extra.

Not to understate the achievement that these young ones have made. Far from it. Being able to count to 100 every day for the last year without being bored to death is an achievement worth celebrating.

Extortion by schools

Kindergarten graduation has now become ingrained in our culture with parents having to fork out ridiculous amounts of money for the celebrations.

Learning institutions go the extra mile to hire gowns, grounds and even pay MC’s to ensure the events are colorful and memorable.

However, schools have the audacity to charge as much as Sh4,000 for these ceremonies. Are jobs guaranteed for graduates after graduation? Come to think of it, even my university graduation did not cost that much.

Parte after Parte

We look for every possible excuse to throw parties. Add the graduation amount to the cost of cake, gifts, food for invited guests and you have spent a whopping Sh10,000 or more.

I know why Kenyans are not angry enough with the current state of the nation. We are not broke enough.

Imagine being okay to pay such an exorbitant figure for this ceremony. And of course, after the main party during the day, there will be an adult-only party where parents must appreciate themselves too because of paying school fees and all the hard work.

Relax, you have twenty more years to pay school fees, this is not even a quarter of the expected costs of raising a child.

The real heroes

This opportunity should be used to celebrate and reward the teachers who have worked so tirelessly to ensure these kids learn the basic elements of civilization.

From handwashing to table manners, and even how to express themselves, these teachers are the ones who should be feted on this day.

Many kids are not well potty trained as they join kindergarten and these teachers change their soiled clothes and even clean them as they teach them how to use the bathroom.

Appreciating the teachers would also teach the children a culture of gratitude and thanksgiving.

And before you tell me it’s the teacher’s job, the meager salaries they earn do not come anywhere close to the trouble they go through.

Maybe one day we will truly honor the heroes of the day.

Meanwhile, I am off to my son’s graduation I will post details on the venue for the after-party later. 

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