Open letter to the new graduates

By Lawrence Moindi | Tuesday, Oct 22nd 2019 at 12:14
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Hello Comrades!

First of all, congratulations on your graduation! It is not easy completing the journey of going through your education. Not even if it is a three-month certificate! 

Some of you have been in university longer than you anticipated. You failed some units and had to repeat classes. Even worse, the comrades you came with already left a year or so ago. No worries, you still made it!

So briefly, I want to say things kwa ground ni different. Hakuna kazi hii Kenya. Those of you that are already working, good for you. Remember to live cheap as you start with your small salary. No comparison. No greed! Live within or below your means.

Some of you have no idea what to do next. Whatever it is, don't go home and lie around doing nothing. Get an internship even if you have already completed your attachment. No employer is looking to hire a lazy graduate who has been at home for three months doing nothing!

If you have no source of income, there are a few hacks for you. We don't want to see graduates on TV begging for food! On top of the list is academic writing. Get a roommate at a cheap single room or bedsitter and take your scrappy computer and look for the writing cartels online. You will find them on Facebook.

You live in the golden age of mobile data bundles. Don't spend it all on social media laughing at memes! With a few sample papers in training, you will be set to become a part-time writer. You will be paid between 250-350 shillings per page for your work. You can take your internship in the day and write in the evening.

Additionally, if you have other technical skills like coding, photoshop, auto card, or a certificate in SPSS, you can earn even more. These skills will complement your writing.

Whatever you do, stay away from anyone that promises you a job at a fee! This mostly goes in the form of sales and marketing. These swindlers will ask you to pay for training and buy products that you will never sell! Most of these companies are conmen and women trying to feed on your desperation. Stay away. Only trade skills for money or time for skills!

Nevertheless, you can still do sales and marketing, although many tend to pay dismally. Ladies, you can market beverages at clubs or events and other consumer products at supermarkets. Take up the duty to inquire how you can get those gigs. They can help you get by as you look for a better job.

Lastly, comrades, if you can afford to further your studies and develop your skills, then go for it. Don't waste time. It is even better if you can do it part-time as you work. Certification courses like CPA, ACCA, or CCNA can serve as a pedestal in advancing your career.

All the best, comrades, and welcome to the Republic!

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