How my first Espresso ruined my date

By Bonface Mogesi | Friday, Oct 4th 2019 at 12:34
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One day my crush accepted a date after a long time. On Saturday morning, mimi ndio huyo hadi Sarit centre the place we had agreed to meet at Java. The only Java I knew ni ile kina Sauti Sol wameimba.

That's the reason I spent 30 minutes passing by Java without noticing it was the one until I bumped into her after passing by 7 times. Sisi ndio hao mahug ... miss you miss you then we took our seats.

The waiter gave us the menu and my heart started beating so fast. Nothing on the menu was familiar to me, everything was expensive. Luckily, I had Sh 1500 and I knew I was kind of sorted.

I gave the menu to my crush. and she ordered a cappuccino. I looked at the menu and ordered an espresso. At least it sounded like food za kienyeji kienyeji. The waiter asked if I wanted double shot or single shot and I said double thinking she will bring it in two cups.

The waiter gave her the cappuccino and pushed a small cup to me. At first I thought ilikuwa sosa (don't mind the spelling), until the waiter said enjoy your espresso sir.

I felt furious, but couldn't show it otherwise I would have embarrassed myself in front of my crush. I couldn't help but think to myself that I have been conned. How can a cup so small cost Sh 380? I almost shouted but I swallowed it. I felt bad and wanted to sip the coffee at once hand over the cup and order for a cappuccino.

I took the cup sipped all the coffee and that's when I realized hell can be on earth! The coffee was so bitter than any syrup I had ever had. My eyes nearly popped out. I sprang up running to a nearby table to pick a glass of water only to sip another funny tasting drink which made it worse.

I was sweating and farting at the same time. I caused a commotion and when I realized, everybody had his/her nose covered and staring at me. My crush had long disappeared.

I hurriedly paid and left feeling embarrassed and vowing never to eat or drink what I don't know or tasted. My crush changed her sim card and I never heard from her again.

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