Honest waitress who returned Sh60,000 to customer rewarded

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Sep 12th 2019 at 15:08
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Eva Karendi, a waitress at Nice Digital Hotel in Mwea, is a happy lady after her act of honesty was handsomely rewarded.

While going about her shift, Karendi stumbled upon a purse that had been left behind by a customer and upon checking inside, she was surprised to find around Sh60,000.

It later emerged that the money had been accidentally dropped by Esther Mbaabu, a tutor at Meru Teachers College.

Esther went back to the hotel on Sunday and asked whether anyone had seen her purse.

To her surprise, she found her purse intact and promised to help Karendi complete her education.

“I was so happy that they found the money and kept it safe for me. I wanted to meet the young girl because what she did was so unselfish, and kind.

“Eva and I have become good friends. She is from a humble background and I want to support her to upgrade her education,” she said.

Also, Charles Njiru, the director of the facility, on Thursday revealed that Karendi had already been promoted for her good work.

Esther says she misplaced the money after dropping her daughter in school on Saturday.

She went on to explain that the money was for a group of orphans she supports, and she was supposed to send the money to the orphans' caregivers.

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