Hilarious things Kenyan children tell adults

By Fay Ngina | Tuesday, Jul 30th 2019 at 09:34
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Children are known for saying the most hilarious and sometimes embarrassing things when talking to adults. Most adults, especially parents, get shocked at the questions that their children ask them.

To put this to test, a Twitter user only identified as Queen Gathoni, posed a question on her timeline, which allowed adults to share their moments when handling Kenyan children.

The question which read ‘Excuse me adults, what’s the most rude thing a child has ever said to you’ saw a number of adults give their experiences when dealing with children.

Most of the responses were embarrassing and very hilarious. One Twitter user responded saying ‘Mine told me last week, Mum you are so fat, and you’re tummy is so big.. I swear she gave me a complex. I haven’t recovered yet.’

Here are some of the hilarious things Kenyan children tell adults;

My child looked at my stomach and asked "Mom, are you pregnant?" ????????????????????????????????????I havw been walking alot since then. ????????????????????????????I didn't even know he knew the word pregnant or what it meant. — Azula ????? (@jciku) July 26, 2019

I had a cold and my nose was 'humid' A 3 year old: Mama yako kwani hakupanguziangi mapua?I was sitting next to my girlfriend! — Kirgit (@kevinbiegon93) July 27, 2019

Took this homegirl to the salon for a do-over. Afterwards as I try to touch and check it she goes, 'Please don't touch a lady's hair.' She's 4. — Matrix (@matrixster) July 26, 2019

"Aunty Zahara, mbona haukununua gari kubwa kama ya mami. Kwani huko job kwenu hawakupatiangi pesa?"

— Mi Vida???????? (@MisZahara) July 26, 2019

This week alone:1. My daughter equated my hand to slime (the play stuff).2. She saw a magazine cover pic of me and started shouting "What happened to you mum? You were so pretty?" — Red (@RookieKE) July 26, 2019

My siz told her son to go and take a shower, the kid looked at me and told her mum, mbona usiambie uncle na hajaoga kwanzia juzi... kesho yake nilihama kwa hiyo nyumba — Guevara Che (@254CHE) July 26, 2019

I asked our nine year old if she could pull out a kathorn that had pricked me and her response was "but Val, I don't want to get AIDS" ????Nilichoka. — Valerie (@Valeditta) July 26, 2019

Not me but a friend's boy once stormed out with his sis Sanitary towel kwa mkono and just went "Mum si nilikuambia mukami huvaa pampers" mbele ya wamama wa chama ???????? — UnitedWasDopeOnce (@DopeWas) July 26, 2019

My nephew found me watch a fire series and told me, “ Weka cartoon ama urudi kwenu” ????. — Deputy Resident???? (@willywahungu) July 26, 2019

My sis asked the son to eat coz kids in turkana are starving - he looked at her and said - mum si hii food iko hapa si unajua watoto hawana food ? Wapelekee uwache kuniambia wako na njaa kila siku! — Baba Taji ????????™???????? (@GBmuriithi) July 26, 2019

My daughter once told me niwatafutie mtoto mdogo then I told her to go tell mummy to bring a baby for them. She responded by saying "mummy hana tumbo kubwa hawezi pata mtoto"Right now she's fatherless.

— Dennis Makori ????????. (@karamindi) July 26, 2019

My daughter told me "Nitakula nikue mkubwa na nikue na tumbo kubwa Kama yako"I still feel the chest pains when I remember the conversation ???????? — ???? (@Ms_Matei) July 26, 2019

Asked my 5 year old to wear a sweater & she told me "if you're feeling cold you wear one & stop making me wear one when I'm not cold". ???????? — Digiphunk (@KabeyuKatuga) July 26, 2019

Lol. My friend and her child were going somewhere and they were running late. The child told her "You are always late mum. You need to think about your life" She is four years old ???????? — Sue Ndung'u (@blackpetal29) July 26, 2019

Niece came with a toothpick and asked if she could prick my tummy the way she does on balloons .... Still reading gym blogs — Big Phil (@PhilipSKasaya) July 26, 2019

Years back when my parents visited the bed sitter my sister was like "hii bafu yako ni ndogo... ukiingia unatoka na reverse kama gari" ???? — Badger (@The_Kanyi) July 26, 2019

Kids in my hood told me, “remove your hat even if you look like Kibaki.” I’m still undergoing counseling. — chris adwar (@chrisadwar) July 26, 2019

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