Passaris trades blows with KOT

By Standard Reporter | Thursday, Jul 11th 2019 at 13:24
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Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris was trending on Twitter for the better part of Thursday morning, partly because of her responses to netizens.

The legislator was engaging Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) on matters leadership and it soon got out of hand when some started accusing her of being incompetent.

She was quick to state what she has been doing for Nairobi residents but the situation escalated when some started hurling insults at her.

Here is the thread: 

Do you live in Nairobi? This requires a one on one for you to get a grasp of the needy issues that politics and politicking cannot resolve in the short run. We have a long way to go. I can't say no to extra cash to help the many 'cases' that the 'system' neglects by design. — Hon. Esther M Passaris (@EstherPassaris) July 11, 2019

Tell me what you do? Where do you live? Did you vote? Is there any leader that meets your cut? Do you think if we worked for no pay Kenyans would be better off? My take is Parliamentarians need to be empowered to handle needy social issues. This is a major disconnect in Kenya. — Hon. Esther M Passaris (@EstherPassaris) July 11, 2019

What would I expect from a two year old? #TemperTantrums #TerribleTwos If you expected me to fix it all because you elected me, you expected far too much amid all the 'confusion'. I can't fix what you yourself don't aspire to fix. Next time you vote. Think twice. Think issues. — Hon. Esther M Passaris (@EstherPassaris) July 11, 2019

The country has no shortage of laws. Where gaps exist they are duly addressed. I also oversight three committees and patron ngaaf. Point to ponder. For a 'clock,' to function every 'wheel' must turn. Have you ever thought maybe 'Wheelpower' something to do with my whining? — Hon. Esther M Passaris (@EstherPassaris) July 11, 2019

Sick minds attract sick leaders. Widen your thinking. Leaders are reflective of those who elect them. I would like to believe that when you voted, you had more in mind than party politics, tribal politics or handouts. Issues and integrity were key drivers. Respect goes both ways. — Hon. Esther M Passaris (@EstherPassaris) July 11, 2019

I am forthright. Would you rather I accept all that's thrown at me like a 'little good girl'. If a man said the exact same thing I said would it be rude or bold? At 55 I believe I have earned the right to speak up mind and state my case. Get used to it. How else will I lead? — Hon. Esther M Passaris (@EstherPassaris) July 11, 2019

You are part of the problem. Every vote should counts either way. Yours didn't. Please tell me you will vote come 2022. Until then engage me on why you didn't vote? Be honest. I mean really honest.

— Hon. Esther M Passaris (@EstherPassaris) July 11, 2019
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