KOT rip apart woman paraded by DCI over fake money

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Mar 20th 2019 at 13:34
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Six people were arrested on Tuesday evening by detectives attached to the DCI in connection with fake currency amounting to slightly over Sh2 billion but Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) singled out one of the ladies for a peculiar reason, her age.

Irene Wairimu Kimani was one of the suspects who was paraded and a closer look at her personal details revealed that she was born in 1980 but KOT were far from convinced.

Many netizens ‘estimated’ her age to be slightly higher and asked police to also look into the matter ‘keenly’.

“Those who were born in 1980 tafadhali...does this look like your agemate?”

“Hata ukificha miaka uzee wa Mwanamke huonekana kwa vidole na shingo. The rest you can hide.”

“Number transposition- should be 1908.”

“Thought I was the only one stuck hapo pa 1980.”

“Amechoka juu ya kubeba dollar.”

“Thanks for posting their photos. Let's do social media investigation on them.”

Others who were arrested in connection with the fake currency notes included; Dr Erick Adede - owner of the box, Ahmed Shah- fake investor, Elizabeth Muthoni, Boaz Ochich and Charles Manzi (bank officials).

Also held for statement recording is a witness who would have been conned.

The suspects were arrested by Flying Squad officers at Barclays Bank's Queensway branch and the fake notes in 100-US-dollar denominations were found hidden in one of the bank’s safe boxes.

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