DCI comes to aid of Nairobi grieving man, rescues baby Tamara

By Fay Ngina | Wednesday, Mar 6th 2019 at 07:47
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It’s good news for Timon Makswell after The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) rescued his daughter baby Tamara.

DCI broke the news on their social media handles and credited detectives from the Child protection for the rescue.

The culprits involved in the incident have also been arrested and taken to custody awaiting to be arraigned in court today.

“Detectives from the Child Protection Unit have rescued #BabyTamara & arrested two culprits. The baby is in safe hands & the two suspects are in lawful custody & will be arraigned in court tomorrow. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention,” posted the DCI.

The DCI had earlier asked Mr Maskwell to lodge a complaint to any police station after his post of what happened went viral.

Mr Makswell moved a number of Kenyans on social media with the post he made on Facebook describing how he was forced to let go of his daughter after being held at gunpoint by four police officers.

In the post, Mr Makswell narrates how he was arrested for allegedly kidnapping his own daughter. According to him, a lady identified as Annette Kimuomi gave the information to the police that led to his arrest.

“None of the officers told me why I was being arrested, and when we arrived at the station the first person I saw was Annette Kimuomi! Then one of the officers told me that Annette Kimuomi had reported that I had kid napped Tamara and that I have since stopped her from taking medication. Annette Kimuomi had told the officers that Rena died of HIV and that Tamar was born positive, so the officer told me that these people have money and they can do anything so if I know what is good for me then I should give them the child,” read part of the post.

“Let’s shoot him”, said one officer as the other four cocked their guns and pointed them at me. This is how I almost got shot yesterday night at Spring Valley police station in Saika. My only crime was taking away my daughter who is currently nine months and taking care of her after my wife died in October 2018,” he added.

Tamara’s dad says his wife died in October 2018 due to liver and post birth problems.

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