Boondocks Gang Sign New Record Deal With Black Market Records


The Boondocks Gang have officially announced a new deal they have signed with Black Market Records. The contract was signs in a rather questionable environment with big bunch of money on the table, there was no advocate either and the seal of the contract did not involve a lawyer’s signature either, but four signatures for the three artists and the C. E. O!

Boondoks Gang signing contract with Black Market Records. PHOTOS; Felix Kavii

Black Market Records, an uprising music label in Africa with headquarters in Sacramento, Carlifonia USA, Black Market is led by a black American named Cedric Singleton the C.E.O. The Rieng hitmakers who are also responsible for tracks like Mboko Haram, Madam and Mathogothanio among others that have been able to get the streets attention, thus street anthem.


The young stars who seemingly sent the old stars into early retirement by taking over the streets and the ghetto which is the highest consumers of genge music are currently working on new tracks under the label.They expressed their excitement to sign a deal with Black Market while signing the contract.

Boondoks Gang signing contract with Black Market Records. PHOTOS; Felix Kavii

It is however not clear on what are the terms of the signed contract because the trio are seemingly as free to do as they please, they get shows and go for interviews themselves without the consent of the management. Looking from the sides one would say the trio are a hard nut to crack!


But then comes in another familiar face in the game, KRG the Don! His ploy in this game is like that of a young influential guy that gets away with anything. The young boss has been working with the trio without the consent of the label and going around for shows with them, and who knows how much the youngsters get from a stage performance alongside KRG? The trio which saw their way to fame after their debut track, proclaimed themselves top lyricists and street hit makers and their following is proof enough that they are here to stay and win!


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