We demand answers on the death of a key witness in police custody

By The Standard | Saturday, Sep 1st 2018 at 00:00
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The alleged suicide of a man at the centre of an attempted murder case once again raises serious concern over the safety and security of suspects in police custody. It is unthinkable that a self-confessed key witness to such a case would tear his clothes apart, cut a section of them in strips, tie them into a rope and hang himself from a prison window.

It is even more absurd that in a country in which prisons are incorrigibly congested, no one would dare stop him from taking his own life. Even more bizarre is the fact that the police, whose desks are stationed not far from the cells, would hear no commotion of this.
We cannot purport to be at the forefront of a new Kenya with regard to fighting impunity and various other crimes while such blatant disregard to law are perpetrated under the noses of the security agencies.

Although shocking, and while the murder of a key suspect is the subject of our main story today, we hope that all agencies had tied up all loose ends and that sooner, rather than later, the list of suspects will yield a culprit.

Other whistleblowers should not be cowed and should be emboldened in telling their stories, particularly those touching on graft at the counties. This is the only way Kenya will step out of the shadows and walk into a new dawn.

Some self-declared whistle blowers of corruption and impropriety within the counties have already fallen victim to untimely and suspicious deaths. Yet, it seems, we as a country are ready to move on with our lives, with little regard to the sacrifices made by those who sought to speak up, hoping in vain that our security forces will protect them.

We must call time on these shameless killers. They might have killed the messenger but the messages that were put forth by David Munyankei, Willy Kimani and the thousands who have been silenced through death are truly and surely alive. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually the law will catch up with them and they too will pay for their sins. Their wages on this earth will not go unpunished.

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