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Mind your health with the raging floods, avoid unnecessary risks

 Flooding is a major risk to the health of communities and individuals (Photo: Benjamin Sakwa/ Standard)

The ongoing flooding associated with country-wide heavy rains has been in the news constantly. 

Flood waters have made it into people’s houses, traffic has been disrupted, homes have been washed away, and some have unfortunately drowned and lost their lives in rapidly flowing waters. Flooding is a major risk to the health of communities and individuals.

But why the flooding? With heavy downpours, the ground gets saturated, and the excess water has to go somewhere. Urban areas need careful planning for stormwater drainage. 

Environmental scientists may also argue that climate change is contributing to heavier seasonal rains and the downstream effects of excessive water. Rapidly flowing water is dangerous to humans, and other living things too. 

You must avoid the temptation to cross makeshift rivers, even when you think they are just shallow. Overflowing rivers must be avoided at all costs. 

Even adept swimmers may struggle to get out of fast-flowing waters, and the risk of drowning is real. Children must be guarded against getting into any large pools of water, whether standing or flowing.

With so much water around, the risk of water-borne diseases is heightened. Storm waters may end up in sewer systems, and eventually contaminate domestic water reservoirs. 

The risk of intestinal infections becomes real. The good old advice about using clean water for food preparation and drinking cannot be overstated. Many choices are available for sanitizing water, including just boiling it and allowing it to cool for safe domestic use.

Standing water is a breeding ground for some pests, and mosquitoes. Try and find a way of draining excess water away from your dwelling places. The precaution of sleeping under mosquito nets is proven to reduce mosquito bites and consequent malaria infections. Safer insecticides and repellants are also widely available and will protect you from nasty bites.

And then there is the matter of driving on flooded roads and streets. Drivers must watch out for pedestrians whilst negotiating through puddles of water. Splashing dirty and slimy water on those walking along the roads is plainly thoughtless. 

Speeding on standing water can get you to aquaplane, and you may end up maimed. Others have braved crossing rapidly flowing waters with their big four-wheelers, only to end up with catastrophe.

Just don’t do it. Observe common sense in the face of ongoing flooding, and you’ll be just fine. But act rapidly if disaster strikes despite all precautions, you should know how to get emergency help promptly.

Dr Alfred Murage is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist.

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