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Njahi increases sexual performance

Man eating black beans. [PHOTO: ISTOCK]
 Man eating black beans. [PHOTO: ISTOCK]
Kenyan Black beans commonly known as "njahi" is probably one of the most hated foods in Kenya. The black legumes with white stripes are a staple food among the Gikuyu, but it is mostly prescribed for lactating mothers. There has been a raging war on social media on whether Njahi is fir for human consumption. Some Kenyans have sworn by Mecca that they will never consume the legumes claiming that they should be sold in hardwares. Popular Kenyan food blogger Leah Kanda argues that these legumes taste like rusty iron nails cooked in soup. With all the hate and controversy that surrounds the proteins, Kenyans should understand that black beans indeed matter, expecially for sexual health. First, they are a good source of vitamin D and Zinc which increases testosterone levels among men. Testosterone, a male hormone produced by the testicles, is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. Testosterone also fuels sexual drive and sexual performance."Kidney, black, and white beans contain zinc and vitamin D, which boost testosterone levels," Reports Alpha M, men's lifestyle coach with over eigh million followers on social media . Kepha Nyanumba, a Consultant Nutritionist at Crystal Health Consultants Ltd says, studies have shown that black beans are rich in Arginine, an amino acid that increases libido thus improving sexual performance. Black beans are the only beans that boost your brainpower, thanks to being full of antioxidant compounds called anthocyanins, which dilate blood vessels and improve brain function, reports men's health. Other benefits of Njahi include strengthening bones, managing diabetes, lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer as well as healthy digestion.

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