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Dude, sleeping naked cools your testicles

 People should thus get rid of waist beads, twisted T-shirts, and tight socks which cut off blood circulation.[iStockphoto]

There is unexplainable freedom that comes with sleeping naked and what is lost to many are the several health benefits too.

Many people in developed countries sleep naked and the National Sleep Foundation notes that it results in better sleep compared to having layers of clothing like a night guard.

The best bedroom temperature is pegged at 60 to 67F as one sleeps better and faster as body temperature is key in the circadian rhythm which is the body's 'clock.'

People should thus get rid of waist beads, twisted T-shirts, and tight socks which cut off blood circulation.

A study from the National Institute of Child Health and Development, Stanford University, found that sleeping without boxers, shorts or briefs had a 25 percent lower rate of damaged DNA in sperms besides keeping the testicles cool and at optimum temperature for sperm health.

As for women, sleeping naked helps keep Candida yeast from flourishing in the vagina considering that bacteria thrive in a moist and warm environment, according to the Sleep Foundation.

It adds that an overgrown of Candida causes a yeast infection which may inflame the mucous membrane of the vagina, causing pain and itching.

Sleeping naked also reduces the probability of fungal infection.

For couples, sleeping naked comes with skin-to-skin contact which releases the brain chemical oxytocin which increases feelings of well-being, according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

A survey conducted by Cotton USA found that couples who sleep naked are happier than clothed ones and also enjoy deeper sleep.

The National Institute of Health says one can cut weight by sleeping naked as sleeping without clothing helps in burning calories besides boosting one's metabolism and lowering the blood sugar levels thus reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes through oxytocin produced by the body, says a 2014 study in the Journal Diabetes.

Sleeping naked thus increases blood flow benefitting the heart, muscles, and arteries as oxygen-rich blood flows to more parts of the body.

Sleeping naked can also increase one's metabolism.

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