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Meet Nairobi's special doctor now helping women regain their virginity

Health & Science

Vaginal Rejuvenation

   What is Vaginal Rejuvenation, what many might term as Cosmetic gynecology which was discovered in the late nineteen eights as a way to alter ones gentile for sexual reasons by one Chavis LaFeria and Niccolini. Mind you! This is not female genital mutilation; it is a way out for some marriages and what Gynecologists like Dr. Francis Were, a certified, trained and established Doctor at the Merit Medical Services clinci located at Tumaini House 3rd Floor-Moi Avenue, would term as "being born again". This is the correction of genital problems of both male and female for enhancement of sexual intercourse. It entails surgical procedures with patients issuing their medical records, sexual history and investigations to the Gynecologist.

   Most problems affect females mostly through the joy of giving birth, but some of the side effects of child Labour. Despite the obvious of mass buildup, is vaginal looseness. This often result in some noisy pops during coitus, some even get to levels of making some pops as you walk or when you sit or arise from a sit. Most are ashamed of such sounds and mostly shun away from their partners, especially if they make a joke out of it. It may also be the unpleasant appearance that the genital has; Japanese often admired the winged butterfly appearance of the labia minora (the outer lips of the vaginal vulva). Whereas the Western sides were displeased with the protruding labia minora; research shows that in every three women one has fairly large outer lip. Some may even reach the extent of trying to change them through an aesthetical surgery known as labiaplasty. Ironically, Africans still adorn the large labia minora. They even go to the extent of pulling it out for extra arousal during intercourse; the Ugandan-Baganda ethnic community terms it as going to the bush.

   As Menopausal women are mostly affected for they suffer from the obvious deficiency of estrogen, Vaginal aging kicks in and this brings with it loss of color to the Vagina. Some suffer from Dryness during sexual intercourse, which in part tend to cause bruising after sexual intercourse. Some get too wide vagina gap openings that their partners slip out during coitus and with constant slips comes diminished sensitivity to the partner that coitus becomes a rhythm activity with the husband. This graduates to the partner getting sexually dissatisfied with the husband; she will often bring excuse for them not to make love. A fact, that eventually pushes the husband to seeking elsewhere. Some often suffer from lose of fat padding of the labia major and the mons pubis tend to sag. It also gets to a point that women think they might be suffering from mild cases of Fitsula when they get mild urinal leaks. 

   Parts of Africa the treatment were already being used but most were ancient and deemed as rituals to the natives. Now new technology has provided ways of enhancing ones genitals to boost sexual arousal during intercourse or when one inflicts pleasure to self. It has now been made easier for alterations and rebuilding be done on specific areas of the female genital like constructing of the hymen, what one might term as recreating virginity. And even enhancement to the elusive G-spot, a point in the genital that is ever boggling everyone’s mind on how to truly enhance its satisfaction during coitus. Men also find themselves on the receiving end with defects like small sized penis or even a crooked looking penis scientifically referred as Peronei’s disease (this is where scar tissues form in the penis forcing it to bend), some men might still have sexual intercourse but to some it is very painful to indulge in sexual activities. A feeling that can drive a husbands self-esteem to very low levels; to the extent of shying away from his partner or even to the female species all together.

   Imagine a forty year old virgin? there is even a movie with the same phrase; 'The 40 year old virgin'. Now, most patients of Gynecologists like Dr. Francis Were, who is also a part time lecturer at Kenyatta University department of obstetrics and gynecology and is also a Laparoscopic Surgeon, would not want to boost publicly of the help he has done for them for fear of being judged, whereas the Minajs, Kardashians and our very own Vera Sidika all Glorify themselves in public of how they have enhanced there supporting documents and it’s all good. So for women who would prefer vaginal tightening, G-spot enhancement, vaginal fat lip grafting, O-Shot, vaginal vulva reconstruction, birth scar fading or reconstruction, hymen reconstruction (hymenoplasty), labia reconstruction, clitoria hood conturing and interior/posterior perineoplasty. And men who would rather genital enhancement, firm erections through penile blood circulation improvement and strenghthening, straightening of crooked penis and size/width increase, plus erectile dysfunction treatment. Don't fear what everyone will think of you and says about you, do you and wlak into the Merit Medics centre and be glad about it. Help yourself and your marriage if you have to, search for such doctors and get hooked up. Remember we only live once!

Leonard Ligai





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