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Things to always have in your bag during the rainy season

 Things to always have in your bag during the rainy season (Photo: iStock)

The rains are a blessing. The land is green, we don't have to worry about sunburn and we can layer our outfits without fear.

This is also the time when the sassy tiny handbags are kept at bay as they cannot carry many of the essentials needed for this weather.

To be prepared for the rainy weather, there are a few things you need to consider when packing.

Here is what you need: 


At the top of the list is an umbrella. To reduce the amount of luggage, it is advisable to bring a folding or pocket umbrella that is small enough to fit in a bag.


While umbrellas are great, they can only cover the upper part of your body.

This is where a raincoat comes in, it is very efficient, less bulky and will protect your entire outfit from the rain. If you can get one with a hood or cap, the better.

Extra pair of shoes

These are a lifesaver. They are essential in all weather as they help you prepare for an emergency. It does not have to be a big pair of shoes; you can pack a pair of sandals to get you over a rough patch if your main pair calls it quits.

Plastic bag(s)

Electronics and other water-sensitive items can be a bit tricky to travel with during the rainy season. Plastic bags will help keep them safe and in good condition when the rainwater permeates your bag fabric. 

Disposable shower cap(s)

Though shall not leave the house without a shower cap! Unless you have really short hair, we all know how much water can ruin some hairstyles. From smelling bad to shrinking, water can do a lot of damage to your hair. 


This helps us to look after our hygiene. There are viruses, germs and bacteria associated with rainwater. It is therefore important to have an alcohol-based sanitiser to help fight them.

Body lotion

We cannot hide from the fact that many people have dry skin that shows even at the slightest touch of water. This will help maintain healthy skin.

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