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63-year-old influencer and 26-year-old partner expecting first child together

 Georgia couple Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain expecting first child. (Courtesy)

Georgia couple Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain, known for their substantial age gap and popular social media presence, have announced they are expecting their first child together through surrogacy.

McGregor, a 63-year-old former surfer turned influencer, boasts a massive online following of over 4.6 million fans on TikTok.

The couple documented their journey in a recent video, with McGregor stating, "It's finally happening, we're starting our family!"

They revealed their surrogate was pregnant and shared the emotional experience of visiting the doctor to hear the baby's heartbeat.

In a follow-up video, they explained McGregor was able to provide a healthy egg, fertilized with McCain's sperm, which was then implanted in the surrogate.

They clarified that they will be legally adopting the child from the biological mother (the surrogate).

"We can't wait," McGregor expressed their excitement in the video.

This news comes as a surprise for some, considering McGregor already has seven children in their 30s and 40s, with a total of 17 grandchildren.

The announcement video garnered millions of views and a wave of comments. While many fans expressed congratulations and surprise, others raised questions about the surrogacy process.

Some viewers openly wondered about the logistics, while others offered more critical remarks.

"Someone please explain to me how a surrogacy works again…is it her eggs and her mans liquid inside of another female?” one commented, with a second adding: "How is this possible?" 

Addressing the confusion in another video, the couple reiterated their adoption plan. This wasn't their first attempt at surrogacy; they faced a setback in 2022 when their previous surrogate allegedly breached the contract.

McCain expressed frustration about the past experience: "We just feel like people are reaching out for the wrong reasons."

He clarified that their online content doesn't generate income, making the situation even more financially challenging.

He elaborated, "We had paid for her food and travel and even gave her money for Christmas. We wanted her to be happy as she was giving us the gift we've always wanted."

The couple's unique story began in 2012 when a teenage McCain, then 15, worked at a restaurant managed by McGregor's son.

While no sparks flew then, fate intervened years later. In November 2020, their paths crossed again.

McGregor, then working as a cashier, reconnected with a now-adult McCain, who was a caretaker at the time.

A chance encounter sparked a connection. McCain offered support when McGregor faced negativity on a TikTok video.

Soon, they were posting clips together, building a following that documented their blossoming relationship. They officially became a couple in April 2023.

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