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Daniel Maundu: I wasted 7 years working for a drug baron

He had never touched drugs from childhood, but the peer pressure was too much for him. He first tried alcohol but found it bitter. However, he got used to the taste with time.
By Silas Nyamweya 2024-01-09 12:00:00
As a society, we need to understand that children born out of wedlock have not done anything wrong to deserve mistreatment or segregation.
By Silas Nyamweya 2023-11-19 13:00:00
She claimed that the stepmother started mistreating them to the point of denying them food "but our father turned a blind eye on our plight even when we reported to him what was happening.
By Nathan Ochunge 2023-11-12 10:15:00
My children were the greatest victims of this debacle since, to them, I was an absentee father who not only had time for them but could not provide for them in any way.
By Silas Nyamweya 2023-09-19 12:32:33
Once you get accustomed to quick money, it’s difficult to let it go. I had two main goals in this profession: money and revenge. I was a bitter woman seeking vengeance against men.
By Jael Musumba 2023-09-17 17:10:00
To sustain my habit, I resorted to stealing from others, even from fellow students, leading to the unsettling situation of attending eighth grade while incarcerated.
By Silas Nyamweya 2023-09-03 12:00:00
It took several minutes for him to regain consciousness. “When I finally came to my senses, I felt numbness on one side of my body. My left leg and hand couldn’t move.”
By Nathan Ochunge 2023-08-28 13:30:00
A lot of people know how to forgive other people but judge themselves with so much guilt and shame.
By Leopard King Ingwe 2023-08-23 16:13:00
Her research on mental health unearthed worrying statistics in Kiambu and Nyeri counties.
By Silas Nyamweya 2023-08-23 10:31:00
I appeal to everyone out there to love and embrace street families and especially young mothers. Every child deserves a good life.
By Purity Mwangi 2023-08-13 10:30:00
I was in denial for a while. I consider myself very sharp and bright and so I failed to understand how this could happen to me. It took me more than four years to accept. 
By Silas Nyamweya 2023-08-06 12:00:00
As we speak today we have six boys who we have placed at different secondary schools, six at different polytechnics, eight at different primary schools and we hope to help more.
By Silas Nyamweya 2023-08-01 15:00:00