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Kenya has positioned itself as trade and investment hub

The government has implemented supportive policies and regulations to encourage digital trade, positioning the country as a low-risk investment and secure investment destination.
By June Chepkemei 11h ago
Kenya’s middle class is the centre that holds the country together. If it falls apart, the country too inevitably falls apart.
By Isaac Kalua Green May. 29, 2023
It appears the president has been taken hostage by the capitalistic forces that erected the enduring extractive system that we thought we would overthrow at independence.
By Kidi Mwaga May. 29, 2023
Sugar production and consumption in Kenya has always elicited heated debate and allowed a few powerful individuals to make a killing at the expense of our farmers and consumers.
By Emmanuel Wangwe May. 28, 2023
It equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to make sound financial decisions, manage resources effectively, and plan for their future
By Albanus Muthoka May. 28, 2023
Requiring employees and employers to pay house levy in addition to PAYE, NHIF, NSSF including VAT intimately affects all taxpayers and cannot be taken lightly.
By Koki Muli Grignon May. 28, 2023
Encouragingly, the ongoing healthy national debate, has brought to the fore theories and policies consistent with sound economic reasoning and reality.
By Kigen Tireito May. 28, 2023
The decision to extend the SGR line to represents a transformative step in Kenya’s infrastructure development journey. The project’s real motivations extend beyond mere connectivity.
By Kiendi Ndambuki May. 28, 2023
The financial remittances sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. In Africa, this sector accounts for hundreds of thousands of direct jobs and millions more indirectly.
By Eghosa Nehikhare May. 25, 2023
Connecting Kenya and Uganda through the SGR line would provide a seamless and efficient mode of transportation for goods, promoting increased trade and regional integration.
By Victor Gichuru May. 24, 2023
The increasing inflation rate in Kenya is worrying. It indicates the prevailing dire economic environment might take longer to resolve.
By Hezekiah Kariuki May. 21, 2023
Kenya has established its industry certification and standards within the agricultural sector to meets the necessary requirements and keep up with the world.
By Daniel Munyambu May. 21, 2023