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ANC facing it's toughest test in South Africa after foiled dream

The approval by South Africa’s electoral court of Jacob Zuma’s candidature in the May 29 elections is welcome news for the former President whose fall from grace has been agonising. 
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2024-04-12 22:00:00
The Bible accounts of the “passion week”, as it known, exhibits several types of people; what have been variably called “characters around the cross”.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2024-03-30 19:30:00
The shadowy financing of politics in Africa means the rewards are also shadowy and associated with clientelism
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2024-03-23 00:00:00
With this week’s resignation of Prime Minster Ariel Henry, the Kenyan police mission to Haiti has collapsed, at least for the time being.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2024-03-16 06:46:27
In a country where the median age of the population is 38 years, the race will be, absent of unforeseeable occurrences, between two octogenarians.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2024-01-26 19:18:51
I hold the view that if we elect a government, we must give it tools to execute its promised agenda. If it fails, we have an opportunity to send it home in the next election.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2024-01-13 00:00:00
While releasing the former CS, the presiding magistrate made some disparaging comments about the conduct of the ODPP indicating that the office had been complicit in the case’s collapse.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2023-12-23 00:00:00
Like the BBI, the Nadco report has numerous positive proposals that can be adjusted administratively with minimal political will.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2023-12-08 15:30:00
Once you enter the 7th floor, the body will start sending messages that you need to start slowing down. In the 80s decade and thereafter, the body will itself slow you down.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2023-12-02 00:00:00
The African Union must own this crisis and reign in the generals, who appear well resourced, and determined to keep fighting. It must push for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2023-11-25 14:10:00
The saddest part about this war is not just the absolute numbers, it is more about the disproportionate number of civilians, especially children, who have been victims of this war.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2023-11-18 08:10:26
The removal of an elected official by way of impeachment is a serious affair intended to be the ultimate avenue for ensuring accountability in governance systems.
By Kamotho Waiganjo 2023-11-11 19:00:00