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In with the New out with the Old: These trends won't survive the year

Your Home
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Interior design just like fashion design is dynamic and not static. What was hot on the shelves last year or the last couple of years is now so 2016. For instance with clothes you are advised to buy style and not trends? Style lasts, trends fade.

We are not saying go home and throw out all these items, your interior décor should be a story of your design evolution over the years. However, if you have not bought these trends yet, stay away from them altogether and get with the new program. Here are a few trends that will be dying from this year onwards.

Open Plan Living

Defined living spaces are becoming a hit again as owners and tenants seek more privacy in their floor layout. If you are dreaming day and night about an open plan living room think again. People have over time found that living with an open living, dining, kitchen, dining and study areas gave them problems with the acoustics and cooking smells.

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Marble furniture and accessories have been the rage in the mass-produced décor market. We have seen marble top coffee tables, dining tables, wallpaper and other accessories in the home. So if you wanted to get that trendy coffee table with a marble top, take a pass.

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Copper and rose gold will be out by 2017. As a material, copper is beautiful, classic and will always be in style in some way or another. However, the oversaturation of cheap and shiny imitation copper ends up looking like you have tried too hard. To replace this metal a more industrial look of burnished metal and blackened steel is expected to take over. The good news about replacing copper is you can buy a spray paint can with the metal finish that is currently in style and spray it over your copper.

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Word Art

Every good thing has an end. Word art was a very well accepted trend but the time to draw the curtains on it has come. We went wild with words on pillows, walls, wall art, rugs and practically everywhere. This type of art and effect on accessories will slowly be phasing out this year.

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