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Everything you need to know about massage therapy

 There are a number of benefits to massage therapy (Photo: Courtesy)

Many people have heard of massage therapy before but have never really gone for a session. It’s assumed that it is not any different from a normal massage, but there are many differences and specific benefits that come with it.

Massage therapy has been around from ancient traditional cultures in China, Japan and even Egypt. Over time, it has evolved into modern forms that we know of today which include the Swedish massage, prenatal massage, reflexology and so many others that have different techniques.

If you’re thinking about getting one you probably should because there are so many benefits you can get with massage therapy like the ones on this list:

They are effective for chronic pains

If you have ever dealt with issues like recurrent back pain or neck pain, you know how agonizing it can be. They hinder you from concentrating on your everyday activities adding to more problems you shouldn’t have to deal with.

With massage therapy, you can slowly alleviate these issues and sometimes, the results are instant. A popular pain massage that people love is the deep tissue massage.

They help detoxify your body

Toxins in our bodies can pile up and stay stagnant in our bodies for years. These toxins can bring a number of problems including hormonal imbalances and enzyme damage.

While many of us try to keep our bodies healthy by drinking enough water every day and eating healthy food, there is still more you can do by trying massage therapy.

The techniques used help to disrupt the buildup and drain out the toxins trapped in our bodies.

 Massages will increase blood and oxygen flow and fasten the healing process (Photo: Courtesy)
They can help heal muscles

Muscle injuries are common in people who are active, like athletes.

Vigorous activities help to keep them strong but, in the process, there is often a lot of muscle injury that can take place. Many athletes religiously go for sports massages which help to increase blood and oxygen flow into the muscles for faster healing.

Besides quickening the healing process, the massages are an effective pain treatment in case of any soreness.

They are an immunity booster

One surprising benefit that you might not know is that your immune function can be significantly improved through a simple massage.

As the toxins are pushed out and blood circulation is enhanced, your immunity response will be improved as a result.

Many experiments done have even noted some big improvements in people who are at risk of having weak immune systems like HIV patients and pregnant women.

They have benefits for your mental health

Even while you are getting some of these other benefits, you have the advantage of reducing stress, anxiety and depression levels. You can also choose to go for massage therapy sessions if you are dealing with problems like insomnia.

When it comes to mental health struggles and you would like to try alternatives to healthier and more natural ways to cope, go for regular massage therapy sessions.


Luckily, there are very few risks that have been associated with massage therapy. There have been situations where fractures and nerve injuries have happened but these cases are rare.

Just let your massage therapist know of any injuries, pain or issues beforehand.

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