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Dating a campus girl is a full-time job because those ‘mamis’ want way too much attention.


My friend and I decided to take the ladies in our lives out on a double date the other weekend. My pal brought his girlfriend, some slightly tall USIU ‘mami’ with an ample backside. And I brought my best friend, a KU student with a hugely unsettling crush on singer Kagwe Mungai.

After the main meal, they took a bottle of wine while we downed whiskey. Two glasses in, my boy’s girlfriend started complaining about how the chap wasn’t treating her right and how the guy never bought her anything she wanted.

She went on to whine about how he never really took her out as often as she wished and how he gave more attention to her friends than he did her. She wasn’t done yet, she went on and on about some other petty stuff that probably happened when Bifwoli Wakoli was still relevant!

At some point, she even aske my boy why he refused to sit her CATs for her. I held my boy back from punching her (we’d probably also had a tad too much ourselves). Then I asked her if he was the one who enrolled her to school and she cried.

Dating a campus girl is a full-time job because those ‘mamis’ want way too much attention. That is why, personally, I wouldn’t date in campus. Straight up.

Campus girls think that just because you’re with them, then that automatically makes you their slave; you get for them what they want, when they want it; they say jump and you ask “how high?”; they throw a bone and expect you to collect it. Some are always in constant need of this or that favour.

When I started writing this column a couple months ago, the very first thing I said was that I respect chaps who date campus ‘chics’. Because I don’t have the skin for it. I hooked up some UoN girl friend of mine with my boy the other day and two weeks later, he came back cursing me.

He said the girl wanted to be texted every second of the day (failure to which she would call you and create a whole fuss about it); that she wanted to be the first call when he woke up and the last when he went to bed.

He made me promise never to hook him up again. That very girl called me crying, cursing me as well; eti I hooked her up with an emotionless son of a blade.

Campus girls, stop being too petty and needy. If a boy likes you, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep you; but at his own pace. Sit down, be humble! Are we together?

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