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Fashion: How to show skin tastefully

Fashion Tips
 When choosing an outfit always consider the occasion for which you are dressing (Photo: Shutterstock)

Fashion’s numerous unspoken rules have become less strict these days since we are, more and more, “ “permitted” to dress as we please. Even so, some style choices can pass on the wrong message and land you in trouble with the fashion police especially when you fail to consider the occasion when picking out outfits. 

Among the unspoken rules that are still withheld are those surrounding how much skin should be on show when you get dressed. Certain fashion trends that come to mind when you think of revealing clothing. And these, when put on in the wrong occasion and in the wrong proportions can pass on an over-sexualised message.

When wearing revealing pieces, the line between classy and inappropriate can be crossed if you’re not keen. I’ve been guilty of showing too much skin at one point and I definitely regret these fashion fails. However, mastering how to show skin in the right way takes time but once you master it, you will be able to rock your favourite trends without worrying that you have gone overboard.

The tips below will help you avoid those cringeworthy style mistakes when showing skin. 

i. Show one part at a time

This is probably one of the main rules of showing skin. To create balance opt to reveal one part of the body at a time i.e. either the leg, arms, midriff, back or decotellage. For instance, having your cleavage and midriff out, while acceptable say at the beach, is a bit much on a day to day basis. When you have too much on show, you might get unwanted attention (of the bad kind). Therefore, when picking out an outfit, if you’re wearing a short skirt or dress, ensure you decolletage and arms are covered to create some balance. 

ii. Wear the right size

It’s happened to all of us. You go shopping, find an awesome top and then, horror of horrors, it doesn’t fit. Then you say, ‘Oh well, I’ll wear it and it will pass for a risqué outfit’. Clothes that don’t fit, never look right and you will be uncomfortable. 

Buy clothes that are the right size and flattering for your body type to prevent you from showing skin that you didn’t intend to. You’ll look put together and feel more confident.

 Focus on showing one part of your body at a time be it arms, legs, back, midriff or decotellage (Photo: Shutterstock)

iii. Mystery can be sexy

You’d be surprised by how much good attention you can get when you’re showing less skin. It’s always good to leave some things to the imagination. For example, choose a maxi dress with a long slit or one without sleeves. You will be covered but with a hint of skin on show. Even though you might be conservative in terms of your style choices, these small details will not only push you out of your comfort zone but make a statement.

iv. Work with your best features

We all have parts of our bodies that we’re proud of so why not show them off? This can be a powerful way to bring back your confidence and push boundaries. 

When considering how to show off skin tastefully, focus on your body and not the near “perfect” bodies that we see on social media. Instead, take advantage of your own strengths. If you like your legs, choose shorter hemlines. If you have toned arms, opt for sleeveless tops. This is a way of appreciating yourself even when you don’t have someone else’s exact features. And your confidence will show, garnering you many compliments. 

How you show skin should be a sign of empowerment. You want your personality to come through, to pass on the right message and ensure that people respect you. In the same vein, when getting dressed, keep in mind the occasion. It’s always better to play it safe. Alternatively, use social media to get ideas on what to where when.

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