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Eight effective ways of getting rid of cellulite

Skin Care
 With some discipline, dedication and determination you can get rid of cellulite (Photo: Shutterstock)

Does your skin look different after adding a few kilos over the quarantine period? This could be cellulite. 

Dimpled looking skin that often occurs on the thighs is what is known as cellulite.  It is the lumpy fat deposit under the skin and can collect on the buttocks, hips and stomach too.

Before you panic, hear me out. Approximately 85% of women from the age of 21 and older experience cellulite. Therefore, it is nothing to be really concerned about because practically every adult woman will experience it at some point in their life.

Other factors that result in cellulite include age, family genetic composition, tissue inflammation, poor lymphatic drainage, loss of collagen and weight gain.

That said, can you get rid of it at home? Truth is it will be hard but with some discipline, dedication and determination you will be happy with the results. 

If you happen not to be limited by finances, there are promising treatments out there worth a try. Read on. 


Massages can be done at home or at the spa. Massages are of great assistance because they support increased lymphatic drainage. As a result, it allows the skin to stretch out and get rid of the cellulite dimples. To achieve the desired long-term results, massages would have to be done regularly and with the right technique as the massaging creams do not entirely do the job of toning the skin. 

 Water helps in proper circulation and lymphatic flow (Photo: Shutterstock)


Water is a key factor in encouraging proper circulation and lymphatic flow. It is also a low-cost solution to solving the issue of cellulite but it must be done regularly. 

Weight loss

People that are generally overweight and obese have issues to do with cellulite. Weight loss may be a good solution as it enables the skin to get toned up and get rid of excess body fat. However, you should also note that it is possible for skinny people to also get cellulite and is not entirely a skin problem for overweight people or people struggling with obesity.  Exercises such as squats and leg kickbacks are good for toning the skin.

Eat more raw foods

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains high in fiber enhance the digestion process and help get rid of excess fats in the body. As a result, an individual’s skin is prone to be much more toned than that of a person that doesn’t incorporate fiber in his or her diet. 

  Weight loss enables the skin to get toned up and get rid of excess body fat (Photo: Shutterstock)

Use retinol cream

There isn’t a body cream that entirely gets rid of cellulite yet but there are creams that enhance the texture and elasticity of the skin more than others. Retinol supports the strengthening of the outer layer of the skin while it covers any rough and bumpy areas way under the skin. Multiple uses have been discovered to yield good results.

Get a body wrap

More often than not, body wraps tighten and smoothen the skin. Elastic body bandages and shapers when wrapped in cellulite prone zones also aid in giving the same results and are much more cost effective. For long lasting results their use must be regular and consistent.

 Fruits, vegetables and whole grains help get rid of excess fats in the body (Photo: Shutterstock)

Lasers and radiofrequency

During laser treatment and radiofrequency sessions, the skin is exposed to heat and intense suction and massage. These exercises are very pricey and may have to be done for a long period of time which may be over six months to achieve the desired results. But do they work? Yes, according to those who have gone through the entire procedure as recommended.


This is a natural plant with exfoliating properties. Its use accelerates blood circulation hence ensures the reduction of fat accumulation. It assists in the maintenance of bowel activity which as a result removes toxins and unnecessary fats from the body. The best way to use it is by creating a scrub or a paste with any essential oil of your choice combined with sea salt then scrub all over the affected areas. 

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