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Looking for drama? Date a 'Dirty thirty'

 A woman in her 30s is sexier, wiser and harder to please (Photo: iStock)

If you’re a woman, you know how tricky and complicated it gets when you hit ‘Dirty thirty’ and you are still single.

I’ll talk about late thirties. The thirty-sevens and eights towards the 40 mark. See, quite a good number of men prefer young ladies.

I hear, they have been told by I don’t who, or done research, that the younger the woman, the higher the fertility. Those brothers who are yet to have kids, perhaps not as many as they wanted, look for a young, fertile woman to fulfil their desires.

A woman higher up on the third floor is wiser and, mostly sexier. You’ve met those painfully sexy women and when they tell you their age, you faint? Those ones! Some could even have just celebrated their 42nd birthday. 

Here’s the problem - such a woman is intimidating, sort of. In other words, the men are simply afraid of her. For nothing!

There was a post about such women on one of the Facebook relationship groups and 99% of the comments from men were: These women can’t be submissive. Their lives are already figured. They’re hard-headed. They can come and go whenever they want, wherever.

Dating in her late thirties means a woman knows what she exactly wants, when she wants it and how she wants it packaged and delivered. This simply means fewer unnecessary dates and less drama.

She’s more set and programmed in her way of doing stuff and her life has less flexibility than it did in the twenties and early thirties. This becomes a bit difficult for the men, because of totally different priorities.

A man would want a woman whose availability is the dial of a button. For a late-night date and three random mini-dates within the week. This is where the 25 and 31-year-olds score. They’re available. If a woman has a kid or kids, it’s not only complicated but confusing as well. She isn’t sure if the person would still want her when she has a child.

A good number of men wouldn’t want a mother, especially if they also don’t have kids yet. Some wouldn’t mind, but, the biggest struggle would be: Do they have kids as well and if yes, what would be the arrangement?

The big question is: Does this person have the potential to be introduced to the kids? What is the right time?

This is always the defining moment because kids don’t need to meet anyone and everyone unless the person has shown some serious permanency in their lives. When the kid(s) are older, probably into their teenage years, that’s a whole load of shit. The woman would be torn between dating for herself and her kid(s). To choose between finding a father for her kid(s) and settling for a husband.

Then there are those who will pretend to love the kid(s). These ones will play real daddies. Buy snacks, and presents and even attend their birthdays. It would be too late for the woman to realise the dude was doing all this to gain access to her.

Also, the headache of simply getting out there and arranging a proper date! You know, this has to be timed with someone back home to babysit, or maybe when the woman doesn’t have her kids around.

In our thirties, we’re young enough to be considered sexy, but still old enough to be considered seasoned, like fine wine. There are those younger men who would hit on us!

Some are as young as 25 while others are as “old” as 30. I have realised that these ones want an older woman to be their sexual teacher. Some of them will bluntly say it but others will be ‘dying’ for a relationship when in a real sense they’re simply looking for a MILF.

Well, age is just a number! But we can agree that a good number of younger men are just in for that older woman fix. Who would pay their bills, give them cars to drive, buy them liquor, and finance their lifestyles? I’m simply saying, in her late thirties, a woman is already considered to have hit the “older woman” phase.

If she looks younger (petite) than her age, they will be attracted. It’s not a bad thing but it is still a bad thing. For we would prefer seasoned whisky. A woman could be 39, educated, gorgeous, witty, successful and smart. But single. In fact, the older and better woman they think you are, it seems, the more likely they are to feel intimidated.

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