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Tips on how to plan your baby shower on a budget

 An amazing baby shower is all about the perfect timing and planning (Image: Shutterstock)

There is nothing as beautiful as bringing life into this world and every new mom does everything within their power to prepare for this moment. Currently baby showers are the in thing for most ladies to give the big announcement on whether they are expecting a baby girl or boy.

While baby showers may seem fun and interesting, with the current pandemic and economic situation, planning the perfect baby shower may not be so easy. Here are easy ways you can plan for your baby shower on a budget this season:

Select a date

The first thing you want to put in place is a date and time. Once this is set you can be confined within a specific time period to get everything ready. When you have no tentative date for your baby shower, time will move so fast and before you realize it you will be on the last quarter with no major plans for the big day.

Determine your guest list and budget

When it comes to planning baby showers or any other event, the guest list and budget are the most important things you should work on. Since you are working on a budget, you need to work with your closest friends, make the event as intimate as possible. If your friends would like to chip into the budget, let them but have your own budget in case they don’t follow through with their pledges.

 Make your baby shower as intimate as possible with close friends (Image: Shutterstock)
Choose a venue

Currently with the pandemic, venues are very limited and the few that are available are very expensive and not worth the price. If your house is big enough, you can have the baby shower from your home to save you some money, also your home is easier to decorate and ensure your friends are following the Covid-19 measures.

Work on the menu and décor

How many courses would you like to have on the menu? Depending on how much you set aside, work with simple meals and do not forget to set aside money for décor. Also what is an amazing baby shower without a photo shoot? Do not overspend on food, most probably you will meeting for only a few hours before curfew time.

Come up with an agenda

Since a photo shoot is obvious, you can plan on other activities that you can all engage in, maybe some games and music. Keep the event short and interesting so it can be a memorable moment for you and your friends.

Tip: Planning your baby shower on your own is not easy, have a friend help you do the heavy lifting like doing the shopping and making colour and décor selections.

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