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Five downsides of permissive parenting

 Downsides of permissive parenting (Photo: iStock)

When it comes to parenting, there isn't always one set of rules for how to raise children. Parents use different parenting styles and still manage to raise well-rounded children.

While this is true, there are still certain things that parents do that can negatively affect their children's lives. Things like controlling their children can lead to a lack of confidence and independence.

At the opposite end of the spectrum controlling parents are overly permissive parents. Permissive parenting involves a style where there are few rules, boundaries and guidelines, and an unhealthy friendship type of relationship between parents and children.

In permissive parenting, children are shown love, but in a toxic, twisted way. Research has shown a number of negative consequences of this style, some of which are included in this list:

Emotional problems

With a lack of firm boundaries and structure, kids who are raised this way tend to be emotionally unstable. They grow up without those firm boundaries that are meant to shape them emotionally and as a result, they will have a hard time managing their emotions.

This is a problem also because they may lack the skills to deal with everyday stress. This means they will probably struggle with constant emotional breakdowns as well.

Poor relationships skills

This type of parenting can also cause your kids to have a bratty personality. And when it comes to the real world where they will be around other people, they could struggle to make any connections.

For these kids, their parents had a laxer attitude that taught them they should expect to get their way and that is why it will be a problem forming meaningful relationships. Poor social skills, entitlement and a lack of empathy will lead them to a problematic life.

Poor decision-making skills

Having wisdom and good decision-making skills is essential. These skills don’t come naturally, but rather they are nurtured even from childhood. Something as basic as understanding why you should choose to do homework first instead of watching cartoons is learned.

In a situation where everything goes, however, a child won’t know the importance of prioritizing certain choices over others. This will follow them into adulthood because now they won’t know the difference between good choices and bad choices.


Kids who are trained this way also tend to disregard the value of hard work. They were most likely celebrated for the bare minimum then when they grow older, they don’t understand why they should do important things like goal setting, time management and building motivation.

This causes them to have poor academic performance and work ethic, which can lead to them getting fired often or being dropouts.


There is a higher risk of problems like food addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse as well. This also stems from the lack of boundaries and the fact that they were raised in an overly relaxed environment.

Consequently, they will have a hard time setting limits in their own lives and eventually spiral into addictions that will ruin their lives completely.   

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