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Six signs your child is in the wrong friendship group


As your kids grow older, they evolve and change. You get to see your baby transform into a lady or a young man.

With these changes, come a lot of risks.

Often, kids will involve themselves with different peer groups as they seek acceptance and companionship. This sometimes drags them into wrong friendships that eventually start to affect them. As a parent, there are some warning signs you can use to tell if your child is in a wrong peer group. Here’s how

Change in behavior

As a parent, you have been able to observe the mannerisms of your child over time. You are aware of their usual behavior and are therefore able to spot if they start to adopt behaviors that are out of character.

Things like coming home late, being overly emotional, being withdrawn or even having regular bad moods is a good indicator that something may be off. Be observant and look out for these changes as a parent.

Bad attitude

If you start to notice that your son or daughter is starting to have a ‘don’t care’ attitude, they might possibly be involved with the wrong crowd. Children are bound to pick up attitudes of their friends as they interact with each other.

If their friends answer their mom’s back and disrespect people in authority, your children will start to adopt the same. Bad company corrupts good morals.

Law troubles

This is the most obvious way in which you can tell your child is involved with the wrong people. This means that your child was found doing something illegal or was caught at the wrong place at the wrong time or with the wrong people. Sometimes, people end up being arrested together with the people who were breaking the law just by being around them. Either way, this is a big warning sign.

Suspicious behavior

Most of the things that must be done in secret are probably worth investigating. Your child might start being sneaky and withdrawn which is a warning sign. If you start to notice such kind of behavior, your child might be taking alcohol, drugs or possibly be engaging in other suspicious activities. Sometimes, this also manifests in liquor breath and smoky clothes when they come home from a ‘hang out.’

Your child might also start engaging in risky behavior such as truancy and vandalism as a way of acting out. Be on the lookout for sneaky behavior at all times.

Poor school performance           

This is also one of the most common ways to tell if your child has been hanging out with the wrong crowd. A sudden or gradual drop in performance indicates that there is a shift in your child’s priorities.

Bad company might lure your child to activities that disrupt their concentration from studies. Have a talk with your child and investigate on what might have caused the drop in their performance.

They suddenly stop hanging out with old friends

This is also one of the main indictors that your child is not in good company. Children meet new peers who they try to impress, who eventually lead them to wrong paths. You might notice that your child has abandoned their usual friends for new ones that you are not familiar with.

This is a sign that they want to rebel and that they are acting out as well. However, don’t be quick to judge the situation. Insist on meeting the new friends in order to gauge whether they are suitable or not.

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