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Man republic: Would you marry a woman who earns more?

My Man
 Fellow men, I don’t know how else to put it, but a woman who earns more than you is a no-go zone (Shutterstock)

The issue of finance in relationships came up when I had a discussion with my friend Kelly Milemba recently. Now, Kelly is quite controversial when it comes to relationships, but let’s stick to the issue at hand.

Fellow men, I don’t know how else to put it, but a woman who earns more than you is a no-go zone.

I know some relationship experts may not agree with me, but there are silent bitter facts that will never change. Men are natural providers. We were created to be consulted; to offer support, solutions and direction. Anything else will certainly make you a lesser man.

I get very surprised with a certain millennial group of men that is very comfortable with feeding off their women’s sweat. A group of lads that is fine with staying indoors all day while playing computer games and waiting to be fed. Have we failed as a society in bringing these lads up?

Now, with due respect to women empowerment and the fact that we are all equal, I don’t think a woman would regard a man an equal if he earns less than she does. There is some power that comes with finance, which every man would rather possess.

I once dated a banking executive who was so executive even with matters that required some casual approach. She would turn up for dates in official wear and insisted on having all conversations in English.

Now we all know that true love is expressed in a variety of languages, but what was more intimidating about her was the fact that she insisted on paying the bills every time we ate out. So the bill would be brought and she would go like, “No problem, I’ll sort it out.”

Dear ladies, I don’t know if you understand just how demeaning that statement is to any man. If you really love your man and you wish to pay for the bills, give him the cash way before you enter the restaurant and let him pay, let him be the man. Is that very difficult?

So I had to break up with my banking executive. I wish someone told her that I really loved her but I was tired of waiting to be given direction, of decisions being taken on my behalf and of being the woman in our relationship.

Why do you think our grandfathers basked in the glory of large tracts of land and enviable herds of cattle? This show of largesse played the major role of making them men. No wonder they managed to successfully marry more than one wife. Times may have changed but the reality of this issue will never change.

Even in the bird kingdom, the male one that constructs the best nest always attracts the best mate. It seems a nest to a bird is what money is to humans. If animals understand this basic reality, who are we not to? And this is not an admonition to women; it is a wakeup call to men to rise to the occasion and remember the basic trait of every male species; providence.


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