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Please use protection, spare us the drama darling!

My Man

The Holy Book clearly states there is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed, and there is nothing secret that won’t become known and come to light.

But much as everyone who attended Sunday school is supposed to keep the verse at the back of their minds, more and more Kenyans, especially we men, are proving that they forgot the wise words a long time ago.

You need to pick a copy of our sister publication, The Nairobian, and you will be surprised by the number of women coming out to tell the world about some affair they had with this, that or the other prominent man.

In one recent issue, one woman sensationally claimed she had an affair with a senior State House aide and they allegedly sired a child together.

Naturally, the man in question came out fighting, claiming he is a target of extortion and there is nothing he did with the said woman apart from assisting her as just another ordinary student who could not afford to pay her school fees.

I won’t delve any deeper into the matter because it’s not within my powers to determine who between the two is telling the truth and who is being dishonest.

Black mail

Nonetheless, one thing I have to remind all men is that there are so many opportunistic women on the prowl. They are looking for men with means to have an affair with, and later blackmail.

But then, again, gentlemen, when did you become so reckless to have unprotected sex with suspicious women you barely know? Please don’t tell me you don’t know the price of a packet of condoms.

For Christ sake, I don’t know where these types of men came from. Even your average criminal knows that wearing a hood, gloves and covering one’s tracks is one of the most important things to think about before committing a crime.

Surprisingly, most of these men that these opportunistic women are hauling to court for child support are married, therefore, I can’t comprehend how such a man would dare go around sowing wild oats like a village bull.

Wrong place

See, a guy may deny sleeping with what’s-her-name again? woman, but if he sired a love child, I wonder how he would tell his wife the baby was made.

Thing is, if you are married and can’t resist the allure of women who throw themselves at you, at least invest in that rubber sheath. Unless you are ready to be haunted by a ‘Jezebel’

One more thing, stop taking those nauseating sex session photographs. The sex and photos might be fun activities to do in the heat of the moment but remember one day the wrong things you do today might sooner or later come back and bite you in the wrong place.

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